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 FREE Vehicle Check Outs!

 Includes mechanical inspection and computer electronic scan 

Transmission Repair Service

FREE Vehicle Check Outs!

Having transmission related problems is the last thing you wanted to have happen. We understand that there is a possibility of a once in a lifetime occurrence to everyone. So, before   you jump head first into a total rebuild or replacement, take the time to get it diagnosed right for FREE!

Most cars today are Electronically controlled, and this can cause the transmission to do a variety of things simulating a transmission failure. Completely replacing your transmission is a rare thing to do! Most transmissions are repairable. Simple maintenance is the key to the longevity of your vehicles lifespan! The most basic thing you can do to provide proper care for your transmission is a fluid and filter change! Most manufacturers recommended transmission fluid changes between every 30,000 to 50,000 miles. San Antonio Transmissions recommends you service your transmission every 30,000 miles or every two years! The harsh Texas heat and heavy traffic puts a strain on the transmission and breaks down the viscosity of the conditioners in your fluid, taking away from proper lubrication of the gears and clutches!


We take the time to provide every   vehicle with a FREE multiple point vehicle check out!

Which will Include

· Fluid level and condition check!

· Computer electronic scan!

· Shift Engagements!

· Drive range!

· Shift points!

· Passing gear!

· Torque Converter lock up!

· Engine breaking!

· Reverse!

· 4x4 related components

· Shift linkage

· Common grounds

· Engine Vacuum

· Engine Idle

· Week Mounts

· Week u-joints

· Leak Inspection

Other areas of concern are computer electrical and integrated electronics. More then 75% of the time you could be experiencing an electronic failure. A short to ground, or bad component can send a week signal and effect the transmission directly. 

With our complete computer electrical diagnosis services, we scan the vehicles electrical systems to obtain all diagnostic trouble codes, which can be used to help further understand   your vehicles symptoms. 

Checking off these crucial areas   allows San Antonio Transmission to deduce just about any transmission related   problems associated with your vehicle. Whether the problem is internal, or a   simple electronic component needs to be replaced! We will go the extra mile   to help you repair your transmission before ever recommending a replacement! 

Call San Antonio Transmission   today to Schedule a FREE Vehicle Check Out! 210.460.7587

Call San Antonio Transmission today to Schedule a FREE Vehicle Check Out! 210.460.7587

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FREE Vehicle Check Outs: Includes mechanical inspection, computer electronic scan and a road test if necessary. 

Servicing transmissions in San Antonio, transmissions in North Central, transmissions in Leon Valley and Surrounding areas!

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